Deer Creek Village  hoa information and resources

edmond, Oklahoma

Deer Creek Village is located at the North west Corner of

North MacArthur and North west 150th street in Edmond, Oklahoma


Streetlight issues and outages reported through the Action Center will be forwarded to OG&E. You can also call OG&E at (405) 272-9741, say "Outage" and then press 6 or email 

Deer Creek Village Board of Directors:
Anthony Mirzaie and Jay Spradling

Officers for 2019 -2020-2021-2022-2023

Anthony Mirzaie, President 
Jay Spradling, Vice President
Jon Horn Treasurer  

 Action Center at (405) 297-2535 

Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. –11:45 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.–4:30 p.m.

Mobile app  for apple in ITunes  OKC Connect    Mobile app  for android in google play  OKC Connect.


TEXT your questions or concerns to (405) 252-1053. Please note, this number is only for text messages. Be sure to include the address or closest intersection and a detailed description of the issue. Feel free to include photos. Text messages are monitored Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Don't text and drive and standard carrier rates and fees apply.


Deer Creek Village is located within Deer Creek Schools




ANIMAL WELFARE Report animal related issues such as loose dog, excessive barking, or dead animal removal.

GRAFFITI Report issues relating to graffiti sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place or private structure.

HEALTH HAZARDS Report health hazards such as excessive feces, pests, or raw sewage outside.

HIGH GRASS OR WEEDS Report tall grass or weeds that exceed 12” in height.

PARKING Report parking concerns such as illegal parking on street, inoperable vehicles, or yard parking.

POLICE Report police related issues such as illegal parking, speeding, or suspected drug, gang, or prostitution activity.

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Report property maintenance concerns such as a structure being vacant or unsecured, a dilapidated structure or a structure needing property repairs.

STREETS/CREEK/DRAINAGE Report street, creek, or drainage issues such as potholes, street repairs or damaged guardrails.

TRAFFIC SIGNAGE/SIGNALS Report traffic signage and signal related issues such as damaged or missing street signs, traffic light timing, or a traffic signal malfunction.

TRASH/JUNK & DEBRIS Report junk and debris or trash violations such as bulk waste, uncontained loose trash or junk and debris on private property.

VIEW OBSTRUCTION Report view obstructions around street signs, hazards to the roadway, or on private property.

WATER/SEWER Report water or sewer issues such as illegal outdoor watering or a request to redress a yard.

ZONING VIOLATION Report violations such as operating a business or keeping poultry on land not zoned for these purposes.

Neighborhood Contacts

  • Architectural Review                    Anthony Mirzaie  and Jay Spradling          (406)366-0000

  • ​Association Dues                    ​     Neighborhood Services Corp.                  (405)348-1436


  • Clubhouse Reservations               Neighborhood Services Corp.                   (405)348-1436

        Please use the App *Town Square to log into your HOA account   


  • HOA Contact                               Lu Zapp           (405)366-0000

  • Developer/Covenants                  Anthony Mirzaie                                       (405)366-0000

  • Covenant Enforcement:               Anthony Mirzaie, Lu Zapp and Jay Spradling​

  • ​Community Events                     Leigh Ann Taylor                                      (405) 226-3591

    •                                         Lisa Teaff                                                 (405)471-9816

  • Men's Night/Poker                       Kenny Andrews                                       (405)249-7433

  • Membership and Welcome           Lisa Teaff  (Chair)                                    (405)471-9816

​                                                         Debbie Wallace                                       (580)399-8909 

                                                         Brooke Green                                         (405)812-0750   
                                                         Emily Roddy                                           (405)664-8694   
                                                         Evelyn Schaefer                                      (405)206-6804   
                                                         Karen Land                                             (940)206-5566   
                                                         Kathy Scholte                                         (719)510-8239  
                                                         Susie Stephenson                                   (405)818-8393

​                                                        Kaitly Raab                                             (405) 550-0218
                                                        Sue Rosa                                                (405) 596-5159


​Social Media                               Lisa Teaff                                                (405)471-9816


  • Web design and maintenance       Lisa Teaff                                                (405)471-9816

Event Planning Committee Volunteers needed!   We are always looking for fresh ideas........Contact Leigh Ann Taylor or Lisa Teaff, numbers listed above - Volunteer positions available.